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Emergency Same Day Removalists Service

Emergency Same Day Removalists Service

Need Furniture Storage in Brisbane?

Need Furniture Storage in Brisbane?

We Provide Content Removal and Storage Packaging

We Provide Content Removal and Storage Packaging

Moving a Unit or a Warehouse, we can help!

Moving a Unit or a Warehouse, we can help!

Why are we Brisbane’s most trusted removalists service?

When moving you want to be assured that your removalists will treat your valuable belongings with the highest regard and ethics. Further, you want to be assured that your personal belongings are handled in a clean and discreet manner, basically you want someone you can trust!
We at Platinum Furniture Removalists Brisbane have based our business model from our very humble beginnings on displaying and earning trust from all our clients on all our jobs. These morals have mutually served us all well over the past as recognised in the fact that over half of our furniture removal work now comes from either repeat or past client referrals…

We offer a Fast, Low Cost and reliable Brisbane Furniture Removal Service, including…

  • Units & Apartments
  • Small & Large Houses
  • Commercial Premises
  • Government Premises
  • Emergency Same Day Removals
  • Removals with Temp Storage
  • Property Guaranteed Removals
  • Home Content Packaging Kits & Service
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Looking for a fast low cost, reliable furniture removalist in Brisbane?

With our depot strategically based in North Lakes, Brisbane our furniture removal trucks have fast highway access to all suburbs of Brisbane. We know the roads around Brisbane well and to make double sure that your belongings are moved safely our GPS navigation is set on all loaded trucks to avoid speed bumps en-route to our customers destinations.
Our GPS navigation also ensures that our trucks will arrive on time using the quickest possible route, further ensuring that the removal time will be kept to it’s absolute minimum. A fast low cost, no damage furniture removalists service in and around Brisbane is our guarantee.

Moving house can be one of the most stressful activities you will ever undertake. This is especially true if you’ve lived in the same home for many years. In fact, many people tell us that they are overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start when it comes to house relocations!

Moving to a new home is not something you need to panic about.

As your trusted Brisbane removalist we’ve come to your rescue and noted down some of our best tips to help you get organized, get moved and get settled in your new location as quickly and as simply as possible.

Preparation For Moving

Whilst Platinum Furniture Removals will look after your belongings on the big day, the number one way to ensure that your house move goes smoothly is to prepare yourself well ahead of time.

By following these few quick steps you will make the move to your new house as easy as possible.

Book your Brisbane removal company early so you can get moving on your preferred date. Weekends and public holidays are our most popular removal times so it pays to confirm your moving date early.

Consider holding a garage sale to get rid of any excess belongings. Get your

house packing started well ahead of time and give away or throw out any items you no longer need. Plan to take your furniture apart at least by the night before.

By making sure you get rid of any rubbish or excess belongings you aren’t paying us to move boxes of goods that you will only discard at your destination when you unpack! This will save you money on move day!

Order your packing materials ahead of time so that you can do a little bit of packing each day leading up to your house move. If you’re not sure how many boxes you should need, please ask us. We have created specialized packs based on the size of your home. We even throw in the markers so you boxes will be organized and easy to unpack in your new home.

Make sure you’ve planned for small children or pets to be looked after on the day you plan to be moving house. Taking care of all these details means that you can relax just a little more on the day.

If you know you’ll need help to take apart any of your furniture on the day, be sure to contact us and make us aware so we can make sure you’ve been quoted the correct rate.

One of the main complaints we hear about furniture removal companies is that the price changed on removal day. Platinum Furniture Removals will never do that to our customers. We make sure we know all the details of your move before we provide your quotation.

Use A Moving Checklist

A moving checklist will ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises when the movers arrive and you’ve forgotten to pack something. Put dates against each item so you know when you’d like to have them completed. Then cross each item off as you get it done.

This will give you the confidence to know you’re achieving your goals and you’ll be able to tell at a glance whether you are running behind and not likely to get everything done before the removalists are due to arrive.

What should be included on your moving checklist? It’s up to you how much detail you include but it’s worth splitting up your rooms. So your checklist may have items like pull apart beds – room 1, room 2, room 3, pull apart dining table, pack kitchen cupboards, pack bathroom cupboards, pack dining room cupboards, pack kid’s clothing, pack mum’s clothing etc. Or you might decide to just write down bedroom 1, bedroom 2, kitchen and so on. Then you’d just cross off each room as it is complete.

It’s up to you. Having items you can cross off will really help you feel like you’re getting through the packing.

Remember to include all the other things you need to do to successfully move house. You need to organize the electricity and phone to be disconnected on moving day and to be connected ahead of time at your new home. You need to consider mail redirections, cancelling of any home deliveries and undertaking the mammoth task of changing your address all the people who generally send you mail.

Australia post can help you with your mail redirections and they also offer a service where they can contact many of the larger corporations on your behalf and change your address with them. Be sure to enquire about this free service as it could save you a tonne of time.

Don’t forget to change your address with organisations that may not mail you very often. Places like Medicare and any rewards programmes you are enrolled in tend to only send mail every few months or even once a year.

If you spend the small amount to have your mail redirected to your new address for a few months, make sure you contact each company as the mail arrives with those yellow redirection stickers on it. This is an easy way to see who you still need to contact.

You should also note that redirected mail generally takes 2 or 3 days more to be delivered to your new address. You want to get those address changes done as quickly as possible to avoid any hassles this delay might cause.

Your moving checklist doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can write yourself a list or download a list from the Internet. Just remember to use it to make sure you’re on track.

It’s easy to enlist friends to help you when you give them enough notice that you need a hand with the packing for yourmove. It can be a little bit harder if your cry for help goes out the night before!

How To Pack Your Items If You’ve Never Done It Before

If you’ve never used a Brisbane furniture removalist you might not realize the best way to have your items packed up for a quick move. Here are some easy things to remember when packing your items:

  • Pack as many of your belongings as you can into boxes. Removals go a lot more smoothly when everything is packed up nicely. Removal boxes will fit into the truck a lot more easily than lots of loose bags of items. Your goods will also be more protected if you take the time to pack them into removal cartons. Use quality cartons that won’t collapse when they are packed on top of each other.
  • Don’t pack your boxes too heavily. Our furniture removalists are people too! While we have all the equipment we need to move heavy items, your belongings will travel a lot more safely if you don’t overload your moving cartons.
  • Plan to label your boxes so you know what’s in each one when the movers unpack for you in your new home. This won’t speed up your move but you’ll be very glad you did it when it comes time to unpack your belongings!
  • Separate any items that aren’t destined to go into the furniture truck. Put them in a completely different area. This will make it quicker for your removalists to work out how to pack their truck. And it means you won’t be running after boxes that weren’t meant to travel!
  • Take apart all furniture at least the night before your house relocation. Having all your furniture ready to go into the truck will mean you pay less on the day to get moved. Placing all the disassembled furniture in an easily accessible place will make the furniture removalists job easier too. Sometimes this just isn’t possible, but it’s a great help if you have the space.
  • Don’t forget any outdoor furniture. Kid’s play equipment, outdoor settings and the contents of sheds all need to be taken apart and packaged up appropriately ahead of time.
  • Defrost fridges and freezers and make sure they are dry by the time the movers arrive. Don’t be tempted to try to move them right after unplugging. You’ll find water ends up in the removal truck and your furniture or boxes may be damaged.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask Platinum Furniture Removals for guidance if you’re not sure. We love to help our customers have the simplest moving experience possible and we are just a phone call away.
  • When you pack kitchen boxes, use plenty of packaging materials. We can supply these items to you at very reasonable prices and we can give you tips on how to pack your kitchen boxes if you need them. Never overload your cartons and make sure you don’t have breakable items jammed into the sides of boxes where they are likely to get knocked and damaged. We recommend a minimum of 5cm on all sides in any boxes that are packed with fragile items. Remember that the moving truck will go over small bumps while your goods are being transported. The right amount of packaging means no damage for your goods.

Use Our Prepacking Service If All Of That Sounds Too Hard!

Did you know you don’t have to do all your packing yourself? You can use a removalists prepacking service to save you the hassle.

Our professional packers will come in and pack up your belongings for you. They will bring all the materials they need and will even label the boxes for you. You can relax and know that all your precious items will be carefully wrapped and packed into boxes, ready for your move.

One of the big benefits of this service is obviously that you’ll save time and energy when moving house. You’ll also minimize the chance of breakages as our packers have done this hundreds of times before.

Those moving to an international country should definitely consider this service for their household items. Our movers come in and you don’t have to worry about a single detail.

Imagine how much easier your house move would be if you could leave the packing to someone else? It’s worth enquiring about this service – you may be surprised at how reasonably priced the prepacking service is.

How To Plan An International Move

Moving your belongings to a new country can be a daunting task. If you are planning an international move from Brisbane, you should definitely contact Platinum Furniture Removals to find out how we can save your sanity!

Moving internationally means that every single item you own needs to be packaged correctly. Unlike a domestic house move where you could get away with some loose items packed in bags, an international move means being a lot more organized.

All of your boxes need to be itemized and measured for an international move. There are customs issues to take care of and, depending on the country you are destined for, there can be tax issues and duty to be addressed.

Your personal effects will be travelling a lot further when you move to another country. They may be loaded and unloaded several times from trucks and containers at both ends. For this reason you should only trust professional furniture removalists with your house relocations and you should be sure you understand exactly what is involved.

These types of moves need to be booked well ahead of time to ensure your belongings have a space booked on international transport. Many countries require you to take personal delivery of the items when they arrive into the new country. Some will not ship from your home country if you will not be available to take delivery upon the expected delivery date.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Removalists?

Using a professional Brisbane furniture removalist such as Platinum Furniture Removals means that you can relax about your home move. Once you confirm your booking you can be sure we will arrive on time and give you a call 30 minutes before that arrival time.

You know that your movers will arrive with the correct equipment and they’ll be polite and helpful. Repeat business is very important to us. For this reason all our furniture removalists strive to give you great service and make your move to your new home as simple as possible.

We receive many recommendations from happy customers who chose to use a removalist instead of doing their move themselves. While moving yourself is a possibility there are a lot more steps to take care of than just calling Platinum Furniture Removals and being sure we will turn up at the right time on the right day.

What Should You Do If Your Move Is An Emergency And You Have No Time To Prepare

Platinum Furniture Removals understands that every so often an emergency strikes and you need to move house fast. We offer an emergency moving service to help Brisbane residents who suddenly require a moving service. We can supply our packers to come in and pack up your goods at short notice.

We even have storage facilities if the new premises aren’t quite ready for your goods to arrive.

What To Do After The Move

Once our furniture truck is unloaded in your new home, what should you do next? As the removalists have unloaded all your belongings their part of your moving process is now complete.

We recommend you unpack as soon as possible after your house move. If you’ve moved house in the morning, you could unpack in the afternoon. As long as you get beds set up and the basic kitchen equipment unpacked you can most likely leave the balance of unpacking until the next day.

Some people choose to not spend the night in their new home on moving day. While others spend the night but choose to get something easy for dinner that they don’t need to cook. These are both great options to make your moving task easier and ensure you can focus on unpacking.

Most people find they are not quite able to unpack everything on the day of the move. This is where it helps to have all of your boxes labelled. You can easily place each box in the room where it is to be unpacked and then set about emptying the boxes as quickly as possible.

You’ll find it a lot less tiring if you aren’t sifting through moving boxes trying to find the one that has the cooking utensils for dinner or the clothes your kids need for the next day at school. A little bit of organization in the packing stages will pay you back tenfold when it comes time to unpack.

Even if you have sorted through your belongings before packing and moving, you should check again that everything is needed as you unpack. Moving house is a great time to declutter if you have the energy for it!

As you can see, your decision to move to a new home can be made a lot easier by using a professional furniture removalist like Platinum Furniture Removals. We’ve helped thousands of happy customers to have an easy move and we’d love to help you too.

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