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Frequently Asked Questions


In what areas do you offering your removalists service?

Platinum Furniture Removals offers a fast, low cost removalist service covering the entire South East Queensland Region from the Gold Coast, to the Sunshine Coast.

Platinum Removalists North Brisbane Service Guarantee

Do you do removals on weekends and public holidays?

Yes we do removals on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays. However, if you wish to move on a weekend or public holiday, we highly recommend that you give us a call on 0477 775 935 to make sure our removalists are available on your required moving date as weekends or public holidays are generally busy times and can get booked out weeks in advance.

Does your removalists service have a cancellation policy?

Yes we do, cancellations made with more than 48 hours notice receive a full refund of the deposit, cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice and cancellations made onsite should be aware that we do have a minimum 2 hour fee.

What time can we start moving?

Platinum Furniture removals are here to take the stress out of moving, so we are flexible with our hours to suit your moving needs. We will be there on time and give you a call 30 minutes before we arrive to let you know.

Do I need insurance?

All our vehicles are fully insured to cover your precious belongings against any damage that occurs by way of fire or traffic accidents during transit, further we offer a no damage guarantee which covers your property should any other damage occur during the move, you can read about our No Damage Guarantee Here
As you can imagine, we at Platinum Furniture Removals take our work very seriously and take great pride in providing you with a faultless removalists service
If you do however require additional insurance we can help you organise this. Platinum Furniture Removals uses and recommends Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. For more information, visit www.removalsinsurance.com.au

How many boxes do I need to pack my house/apartment?

We have put together some Removalists content packaging kits to help with that, our packaging kits are listed below, you can use them as a guide for what you may need or simply call us to purchase one of our removalists packaging kits.

  1. The Studio removalists Packaging kit, perfect for moving studios and 1 bedroom apartments
    • 10 large boxes, 20 medium boxes, 2 porta-robe boxes, 1 easy to use tape dispenser, 2 packaging grade tape rolls, 200 sheets of wrapping paper, A 5 meter roll of premium grade bubblewrap, 1 quality marker pen
  2. The Small removalists Packaging kit, perfect for moving 1-2 bedroom apartments
    • 15 large boxes, 25 medium boxes, 3 porta-robe boxes, 1 easy to use tape dispenser, 3 packaging grade tape rolls, 200 sheets of wrapping paper, A 10 meter roll of premium grade bubblewrap, 1 quality marker pen
  3. The Medium removalists Packaging kit, perfect for moving 2-4 bedroom homes
    • 20 large boxes, 40 medium boxes, 5 porta-robe boxes, 1 easy to use tape dispenser, 5 packaging grade tape rolls, 400 sheets of wrapping paper, A 15 meter roll of premium grade bubblewrap, 1 quality marker pen
  4. The Large removalists Packaging kit, perfect for moving 5-7 bedroom homes
    • 40 large boxes, 80 medium boxes, 7 porta-robe boxes, 2 easy to use tape dispensers, 8 packaging grade tape rolls, 600 sheets of wrapping paper, A 20 meter roll of premium grade bubblewrap, 2 quality marker pens

Removalists Costs and payments

Do you charge an hourly rate or a cubic metre rate?

Platinum Furniture Removals Brisbane are a fast low cost removalist company that strives to help you cut the costs with a fast service that uses an hourly rate system.
Our hourly rate is $120, regardless of the volume of goods moved by us. We also only charge a super low once off travel fee of $50 in order to cover our team travelling to and from our depot.

What sort of payment options do you offer?

For your convenience, we accept most comon forms of payment including: Cash, PayPal, credit card (Visa and Mastercard). We also accept Bank Cheques however Personal Cheques need to be cleared first.
Payment is usually made (minus deposit paid) on completion of the move.
A $50 deposit is required to secure your booking. This can be paid over the phone using EFT or credit card.

Does your removalists service charge a depot to depot fee?

Platinum Furniture Removals depot is based in North Brisbane, we do not charge a depot to depot fee as such, we only charge a once off (super low by industry standards) travel fee of $50 instead.

Removalists packing and unpacking service

How much does your packaging service cost?

OPTION 1 – Our careful, highly trained packers can pack or unpack your items at $50 per hour.

OPTION 2 – We can also provide all the professional packaging material and work on the following price structure of $18 per T Chest Box, $16 per Book Box and $20 per Port-a-robe. This cost includes everything including the box itself and any packing material used within the boxes such as bubble-wrap and labour. This service minimum pack of 10 x t chests and 5 x book boxes, read below for further information.

Our packaging kits and service are designed to make your move a fast, efficient, affordable and stress-less day!

No Time to Pack for the move?

No worries, We offer a Complete Professional Removalists Pre-Pack Service.

If having all your belongings and furniture pre-packaged and removalists ready for the big day sounds like good idea, you are right and it also helps to make the whole operation less stressful. We not only provide a pre-packaging service but we offer a cleaning service which is another job that usually needs doing once the moving out is complete.

Our Packers come to your home on the day or before to pre-pack for the move with absolutely everything needed for the packaging job. We start at one end of your the home and work through to the other making sure everything is ready for your Removal day.

Cost for our packing service is $18 per T Chest Box, $16 per Book Box and $20 per Port-a-robe. This cost includes the box itself, all packing material used for the boxes & contents and the labour to pack. Additional charges of $4.40 per metre applies for the use of premium Bubble Wrap and $2.95 per metre for Standard protective Bubble Wrap used on un-boxed furniture and items. These prices include the labour to wrap and package the items.

We can disassemble beds and other large items as needed, or even provide an after move cleaning service, our rate for these sorts of services is $50 per hour.

Planning on doing the packing yourself?

We can provide a packaging kit pre-inspection estimate for you and provide you with what should be your exact tailor made packaging kit.

email or call us on 0477 775 935 for prices.

Do you provide same day or pre-packing & unpacking on weekends?

Platinum Furniture Removals provide a 7 day removalists service, we even specialise in emergency same day removals with packaging services and temporary storage facilities.

What time do you recommend for unpacking?

We recommend unpacking the day after the removal is complete. This usually proves to be less stressful for our clients. If the removal is done early in the day you may consider unpacking that afternoon. If you are staying on the first night we like to set up the kitchen and bedrooms and complete the unpacking the next day.

Removalists Packing tips

When Packing yourself you can be sure that all the materials supplied by Platinum Furniture Removals are removalists grade and of the right quality.

Here are some removalists packaging tips that will help ensure that your belongings have a safe journey…

  1. Boxes containing fragile items should packed into a boxes lined with crushed paper to depth of 5 centimetres to create a layer of cushioning. Repeat this at the top of each carton
  2. All empty spaces should be filled with crushed paper to avoid unnecessary movement
  3. Always place heavy items on the bottom with the lightest items at the top
  4. Plates should be wrapped individually, then wrapped in bundles of six
  5. When placing bundles into cartons try keeping all of the items vertical, because the long side of the carton is it’s strongest side
  6. Pack similar items together, avoid packing/contact between glassware and china etc
  7. Antiques and valuables should ideally be bubble wrapped
  8. Pack books into cardboard cartons, sorting books first by size will help reduce space and packing time

Furniture removals and special items

Do you move heavy and or awkward items such as pool tables and pianos?

Yes we do! we have specialised removalists equipment for moving these items.

Are there any prohibited items that cannot be loaded onto the trucks?

There are some items that may jeopardize the insuance, such as flammable liquids, corrosive chemicals, firearms, noxious materials and poisonous items.

Can you dismantle items for us?

Yes we do dismantle items, that is all part of our normal service.

What steps do you take to protect furniture during the move?

We make sure that the furniture in need is properly wrapped first then we use the required moving equipment and in transit strapping and cushioning (trolleys, blankets, etc.) to keep your furniture safe during transit.

Preparation for removal day

When should I start packing?

Since packing is one of the most time consuming parts of the removal job, we recommend that the packing be complete the night before to ensure a fast low cost removal job the next day.

Packing Tips

  1. Disassemble all beds, swings, trampolines and other such items
  2. Defrost your fridge and any freezers and have them dry and ready for collection
  3. Have all electrical appliances Unplugged with their leads secured
  4. Place small items in a centralised location, such as the carport or living area
  5. Bundling garden tools, mops and brooms help to minimize the time and cost by lowering the number of journeys the men will need to make the move
  6. If there are items that are not going to be moved, these should be separated to leave a clear path and to avoid any possible confusion on removal day.
  7. The boxes of packaged items should be clearly marked with a room name and contents type
  8. Have boxes of loose items packed and stacked, ready for a fast low cost removal job.
  9. We recommend trying our pre-inspection packaging kit estimate, where we provide you with the required amount of removalists grade packaging materials and moving boxes that will make your packing job a breeze.

What to expect on removal day

How much notice will you give before the removalists arriving?

We will give you a call at around 30 minutes before arrival to confirm that we will be there on time.

Can I help the removalists?

Yes, you can help the removalists team during the move. For liability purposes, we can’t allow anyone into the trucks, however helping us carry the boxes will help make the job fast low cost operation!

Can I travel in the truck with the removalists?

Sorry but again for insurance purposes, we are not allowed to accept non-employees on board the trucks. You can nevertheless accompany our trucks during the move.

I am worried about my pets, will try find it stressful on removal day?

Yes moving is especially stressful for your pets. We recommend that you do arrange a pet sitter for them on the big day.

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