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Professional Bond Cleaners Brisbane

Platinum furniture Removals offers a wide range of bond cleaning solutions.
We know it’s an already hard and stressful time while moving so we are here to help dissolve some of your stress by offering a Full exit bond clean to real-estate standard.

Tell me more!

We guarantee our all of our bond cleans to real-estate standards. If we happen to miss anything we will come back for free. That’s Guaranteed!

How does it work?

It’s very simple. We come in and load all your furniture in to our Pantech trucks and when we are almost finished loading we call our bond cleaning crew to let them know the house is ready to start the bond clean.
Shortly after the phone call our cleaning crew arrives and the will spend the next 1 -2 days making your house immaculate.
Sometimes if you have a quiet a lot of furniture to be moved by the removalists we will organise for the cleaning crew to start at 7am the following day to make sure they have a fresh start ahead of them.

Still not convinced?

Cleanest Bond Cleaners in Brisbane

We can even organise to have your keys picked up and delivered back to the real estate when the bond cleaners have finished.

But wait there’s more!

In addition to your bond cleaning we offer Pest control for internal and external plus with simple pest or flea control depending on your needs.
For our wonderful clients we also offer complete steam clean carpet cleaning services.

It gets better

You can bundle everything in to a package to save money.


Making one simple phone call to organise everything from start to finish. We come in the day before the move and pre-pack your house, come in the next day with our furniture removalists to load and deliver your furniture, followed by the our bond cleaning crew taking care of the bond cleaning, Carpet cleaning and pest control.Everything completed with in 2-4 days. AMAZING!

Wow talk about a stress free move

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with one of our friendly customer service representatives today.
Below you can find some general pricing and info on our bond cleaning services.
Servicing Brisbane CBD to North Brisbane and the Sunshine coast

  • Kitchen
    Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards, inside/outside of oven, cook top, grill & range hood.
    Wash inside/outside of dishwasher, damp wipe all kitchen bench tops, Vacuum and mop floors, clean & shine sink and taps with Jif, damp wipe window ledges, Skirting boards and doorframes.
  • Bathrooms
    Vacuum and mopping of floors, wipe, Scrub and disinfect toilet, clean shower screen and tiles, Clean all bathroom walls, sinks and all counters, clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frames, Dust air vent, bathtub cleaned and disinfected.
  • Laundry
    Vacuum & mop floors, wipe walls, wash sink & cupboards, remove cobwebs.
  • Bedrooms
    Vacuum/mop, clean mirrors, remove litter, remove cobwebs, clean windows inside, dust and
    Wash window sills and ledges, vacuum carpet, clean inside cupboards and built in wardrobes,
    Spot clean walls, doors and light switches for finger marks and scuff marks.
  • Hallway
    Vacuum and mop, clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame, remove cobwebs.
  • Balconies
    Vacuumed and mopped.
  • Dusting
    Cobwebs, light fittings washed, all skirting boards damp wiped
  • Windows
    All internal glass and mirrors, sliding glass doors in & out, tracks, frames wiped down, cobwebs removed, Windowsills damp wiped.
  • Walls
    All marks and hand prints cleaned and removed properly unless paint is bad.
  • Garage
    Vacuum,wipe skirting boards and doorframes, remove cobwebs, clean inside &outside of all cupboards.


1 bed x 1 bath$395
2 bed x 1 bath$449
2 bed x 2 bath$495
3 bed x 1 bath lounge dining combined$549
3 bed x 1 bath separate lounge dining$595
3 bed x 2 bath lounge dining combined$649
3 bed x 2 bath separate lounge dining$695
4 bed x 1 bath lounge dining combined$695
4 bed x 1 bath separate lounge dining$749
4 bed x 2 bath lounge dining combined$795
4 bed x 2 bath separate lounge dining$849
Larger homes will need to call me for pricingPOA
Carpet cleaningfrom $99
Pest controlfrom $120
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