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Looking for Affordable Removalists Redcliffe Trusts? Platinum Furniture Removals are ready to help, providing  a quality Redcliffe removal service at a great price. With our rates at a low $120 per hour, you know that your move is going to be done in a cost-effective and efficient manner with our team!

Our hourly rate includes two removalists, our safe and sturdy movers truck, our full no damage guarantee and any other ongoing expenses. Add to this a once off fee of $50 for depot travel, and it makes for the better and clever way to do your next Redcliffe removal.

Many other companies in the industry will charge the standard $150 per hour. But at Platinum Furniture Removals, we have long endeavoured to make sure that we keep our prices lower. We don’t do this by cutting back on our service; rather we just work to ensure that we are operating efficiently and watching our overheads.

Avoid Excess Removal Fees

A lady using masking tape on a box for moving house.

Some Redcliffe removal companies have been known to charge fees in a roundabout (and sometimes sneaky) way – in that they’ll only let you know about a fee once the truck is loaded up so you can’t contest it! The extra fees might be for something like insurances or excess loading – but no matter what, it’s unscrupulous!

We know that you have probably budgeted a certain amount for your move and don’t want to be stung with a cost you weren’t expecting. That’s why at Platinum Furniture Removals, you are never going to be hit with a hidden or supposed ‘excess’ fee. We are totally transparent with you, and the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

Our Great Team of Removalists Redcliffe

Furniture RemovalistsWe are very proud to have a team of professional and fit people working for us as our removalists Redcliffe. We know that our removalist Redcliffe movers chose their profession because they love to be active and want to stay fit. We know that it’s not for everyone to be a mover, and that people probably wouldn’t choose this job if they were afraid of heavy lifting!

Because of that, we know that every single member of our removalist team is here because they 100% want to be here. This shows in their work when we get feedback about how friendly and professional our Redcliffe removalists are.

We perform police checks and do random depot breath tests on our staff before they leave for a job. We go above and beyond to ensure we are providing a quality moving service.


Packing, Pre-packing and Storage

Three boxes with taping on top.There’s a lot to do when you’re planning a move – so why not take a little of the pressure off and take advantage of our other services. We have a team of expert pre-packers who can come in and do the hard and fiddly work of packing up your house, which means that you’ll be free to spend your time on the most important tasks.

Everything that is packed by us is covered by our No Damage Guarantee.

If you’re happy to pack yourself, then we can perform a pre-inspection of your home and give you an estimate of the number of boxes and type of packing material that you will need. We can give further furniture removalist Redcliffe advice as well, in case you’re unsure of the best way to transport certain items.

We also provide packing kits if you’re happy to manage the process yourself.

As an additional service, we can help you out with temporary storage which works to give you peace of mind knowing your items are safe in the short-term between moves. This service is very helpful in the event of an emergency or same-day move, or when you have a lot to move and need to break things up with a day or two in between.


Get Covered for Your Belongings

We take the very best of care when it comes to your items and work very hard to make sure that every one of your possessions arrives in the same condition that you last saw it. That said, we know that some of our clients will have valuable antiques, fragile items or breakables that may not make the journey. For your protection and peace of mind, we highly recommend that you take the step of getting insurance cover which will serve to protect your belongings. Get a quote from our trusted partner, Removals Insurance Australia.


Removalists Redcliffe Can Access South East Queensland

Our depot is conveniently situated in North Lakes and as such our drivers are well acquainted with the local highways and roads around the Redcliffe area. We are well positioned to access a large portion of South East Queensland, and no matter where we are moving you to, we always drive safely. In addition to this, the GPS on all our loaded trucks is set to avoid speed bumps en route to your new home or office, which means that your items aren’t going to be shaken around.


Get the Best Removalists Redcliffe

Moving is stressful. We all know this. That’s why you leave it to us, the professionals, and make sure that you don’t worry more than you have to! Moving on your own is particularly arduous, what with sourcing packing boxes, managing the packing process, hiring a truck, loading the truck yourself, driving to your new destination and then unpacking it all at the other end. Plus – you’re doing it all without insurance cover on your items, and if you hurt yourself while lifting something, there’s time off work to consider!

It makes a lot more sense to simply hire our professional team of movers and get the move done quickly, efficiently and easily. If you don’t have the know-how to move or just want to purchase the peace of mind – then be sure to hire the team at Platinum Furniture Removals.


Why Pick Us For Your Redcliffe Removals

We are professional furniture removalists in Redcliffe. Choose us before any other movers because we have:

  • A low cost, per hour fee for most of our services
  • No fee for depot-to-depot if moving within Brisbane
  • A low cost for unpacking at your new destination
  • Professional team members and well-maintained trucks

Your decision to move to a new home can be made a lot easier by using a professional furniture removalist like Platinum Furniture Removals.

We’ve helped thousands of happy customers to have an easy move and we’d love to help you too.
Platinum Furniture Removalists Brisbane

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