Our No Damage Guarantee terms and conditions

We are so confident in our ability to move your belongings without damage,
that on top of any insurance claim which you maybe eligible, we offer our own No Damage Guarantee!

Platinum No Damage Removalists Guarantee

If your furniture is damaged in anyway (see conditions below)
during the move, we guarantee to pay up to $225 towards any repairing it may require.

If We damage it, we pay for it! Conditions apply. Maximum claim $225

Platinum No Damage Guarantee Conditions:

  1. The minimum value of the move must be $360 or more to receive guarantee.
  2. There must be someone 18yo and over on site at all times.
  3. Claims need to be documented with the removalists before they leave the job.
  4. Our No Damage Guarantee does not cover anything deemed risky for insurance purposes, Risky work may involve handling furniture over balconies, craning furniture into difficult apartments, stairways of any kind- internal, external and including fire escape stairs, lifts of any nature where it is obvious the items will not fit, maneuvering heavy items like piano’s, wardrobes, lounge suites, dining tables etc., up & down stairs, steep or dangerous driveways, or hazardous construction sites. Items that need to go up and down lifts will be solely at the customers Responsibility and Liability, with all care taken by us, however Platinum Furniture Removals is not liable for any incident occurring that may involve apartment/high-rise lifts and remains the full Responsibility of you the customer. We do not cover walls, wallpaper or ceilings only damage to furniture is coverable by this guarantee.
  5. All fragile items must be suitably packed. Paintings, Prints & Mirrors need to be bubble wrapped.
  6. Electrical, Whitegoods, PCs etc. are only covered for any physical damage to the outer casing.
  7. Items in pairs or sets are only covered to the value of the one item that is damaged
  8. Boxes, which were not packed by us, are not covered for damaged internal items unless it is obvious that actual damage to the box caused the item to break..
  9. Glass, Mirrors, Marble, Granite, Ceramics or items that are brittle, porous by nature are not covered, including Terracotta pots, fish tanks, leadlight etc. These items must be bubble wrapped, packed, boxed or protected before moving. No exceptions.
  10. This is not removals insurance. Removals insurance can be purchased from This is our own personal Guarantee.
  11. Maximum claim of $225 per job
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