Packing a Standard Removalist Carton With Kitchen Items



Kitchen Packing Tips:

  1. Crush butchers paper and put it in the bottom of your carton.
  2. Pack butchers paper between each layer of your delicate, breakable options.
  3. Wrap your bowls, like fish and chips, with butchers paper on all edges to protect them.
  4. Stack plates in sideways, rather than on top of each other to fit more in the box, and to keep your items more secure and safe for transit.
  5. Pack your plates, bowels etc on the bottom. Then layer crushed paper on top to protect.
  6. Pack your glasses on top of your plates as they can’t take as much weight.
  7. Put the strongest cups, such as mugs, coffee cups etc on the bottom, then glasses and wine glasses on the top.
  8. Always keep your mugs and glasses upright a they are much stronger than when on the side.
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