Save Money on House Removals – Tips & Tricks

Moving house is expensive. Different removal costs add up quickly, so it makes sense to save money where you can.

Saving on house removals.

Saving money starts with planning your move: make sure you do it well in advance. This will also save you time and nerves!

The secret to a less stressful move is in a good organisation. Make a list of things that need to be moved prior to the date of moving. Arrange care for your kids and pets for the day of moving. There are two things that absolutely need to be taken care of in advance, and these are parking and storage. Getting and staying organised can even save you money, if the removal company charges by the hour.

Start with going through your belongings with a critical – not sentimental! – eye, and throw away anything you don’t need or want any more. You are starting anew in a new place, so why would you want to haul things which serve you no purpose any more? Now is a good time to get rid of any unwanted stuff.

In other words: de-clutter – if it’s broken, obsolete, or haven’t been used in a long time, the chance is, it won’t be used in your new place neither, so it has to go! If you succeed in selling your unwanted items, you may even earn some money.

Besides, lightening your load by leaving behind stuff you don’t use is going to leave more money in your pocket when moving, because removalists costs are calculated, among others, based on the weight of the items they need to deliver and the number of trips required to accomplish that. The maths is simple: the less you have to move, the cheaper is removal service going to cost you!

If your budget is tight, you may be tempted to skip the professional removalists service altogether and go the do-it-yourself route. However, that may not always result in savings.

Remember that furniture removal is considered a specialist skill for a reason. Without professionals to handle your removal, there is an increased probability of damaging the furniture and accruing additional expenses. You have not going to save money if you end up with broken or lost items!

To get as good price as possible when booking a removalist, make sure you compare multiple quotes from removal companies. You will surely find one that suits your budget, just ensure that you are indeed dealing with the professionals who are properly trained, experienced, and have insurance.

Keep costs low by booking the removal company as early as possible and avoiding peak times such as Fridays, weekends, the first and the last of the month, summer months and bank holidays. Choose a less popular time period for your removals in order to avoid paying a premium.

This can influence a great deal the price you have to pay for your removals. You may not only be able to negotiate a better deal when you book in advance – as opposed to booking last minute so that removal companies have to slot in your move – but you can get a price break in exchange for your willingness to work within their time frame – of course, if you are in a situation to afford to be flexible with your time.

You will save money if you pack your belongings yourself and dismantle your own furniture. Before the move, start saving large boxes suitable for packing. Some of your stuff can also be packed in large black rubbish bags.

Different removal companies charge for different removal services. There are so-called ‘extra’ charges: expedited service charge, flight charge, long haul charges, long carry charges, and shuttle service. Make sure you ask about all the possible charges that may arise, and the fees attached to them.

It is quite possible that some of these charges could be avoided. Keep in mind that removal companies may charge you extra for large or speciality items. It may be less expensive to hire speciality removalists for things like pianos or boats. Your removal company may also charge you extra for home appliances that require special packing and handling to move. You should never allow yourself to be unpleasantly surprised by the final cost of your move!

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