Moving House: Checklist for Updating Your Address

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Platinum Removals Brisbane Moving Home Checklist

Are you about to move house and are stressed about changing your address? Don’t worry! We’ve done the thinking for you. Once you’ve moved in and checked off this list, you can relax!

Gas & Electricity

Call your gas and electricity company as early as possible to book a final read on your old property and arrange a connection in your name at the new property, lest you spend your first night in the new place in the dark!


Australian internet providers are notoriously slow when it comes to setting up new connections, so don’t wait until moving day to organise your internet service – unless you don’t mind taking a hiatus from the web that is!


Updating your address with the bank is an important personal security measure. You can usually do this over the phone, online, or in your local branch with little hassle.

Kids & Students

While you probably don’t get much mail from child care provider, school, TAFE or university, chances are that the mail you do get is pretty important. You’ll need to call or drop into your child care providers and schools, but your university and TAFE details are easy to update online and usually don’t require any supporting paperwork.

Changing your postal address when moving home in Brisbane

Australian Electoral Commission: You’ll thank yourself for taking care of this the next time you have to vote. Just bear in mind that you have to live at your new residence for at least a month before you’re allowed to change your address with the AEC, and this can only be done online or by dropping a form into your nearest Australia Post or AEC office.

Australian Taxation Office: Make sure your Notice of Assessment gets sent to the right place by updating your details with the ATO straight away – especially if you’re moving at the end of the financial year. You can update online or over the phone, just call the switchboard on 13 28 69.

Local council: Don’t forget to keep on top of rates, pet registration, library cards and other council services. You can usually update these details online, but you may need photographs of rates notices or pet registrations to complete the process.

Department of Human Services: You’ll need to let the DHS know your new address for Centrelink, Medicare and/or child support services.

Australia Post: If you’ve left your address updates to the last minute, you can pay a small fee to redirect your mail to your new address until you’ve caught up!

Motor Vehicle

Driver’s licence: In Queensland, you need to update the address on your driver’s licence with the Department of Transport and Main Roads within 14 days of moving. Updating your licence details online will automatically change the address linked to your marine licences, proof of age cards and vehicle registrations.

Toll tags: Having a fine roll over into a bigger penalty because you weren’t notified is a nightmare, so make sure you update your registered addresses for all your toll tags straight away!


Microchip Register: Furry friends can easily go missing during a move, which is why it’s so important that you update their address on the relevant microchip registers. The RSPCA recommends using to find out which of the five Australian databases your pet is registered in that need updating. Or you can search the Australasian Animal Registry, Central Animal Records, Petsafe, Pet Register, HomeSafeID and the NSW Companion Animal Registry individually.

Veterinarian: If, like most people, you don’t know your pet’s microchip number off the top of your head, just give your vet a quick call to find it out and update your address with them too.


Don’t forget to give your mechanic, union, superannuation funds, pay TV provider, magazine and other subscriptions, phone provider, lawyer, accountant, health care professionals, gym, financial advisor, employer, chemists, and associations (RACQ) a call when you move. They’re not pressing updates, but they still need to be made.

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