How Do You Pack Clothes When Moving?

If you find yourself asking this question, you probably didn’t realise just how many clothes you own until you tried packing them up.

Even after decluttering your wardrobe you may still find yourself with many items you simply can’t part with. Whether it’s your out-of-control shoe collection or that cupboard bursting with clothes that’s making your cortisol levels rise, don’t be alarmed!

Just familiarise yourself with these basic clothes packing hacks and you’ll save time, space and energy when moving your house!

 Never Remove Hangers

When moving house, don’t bother taking your clothes off of their hangers. Hangers are incredibly awkward to pack and rehanging each individual item is a massive pain. It’s far, far easier to simply push 10-15 hung items together, slip an extra large garbage bag over the bottoms of these items, then use the drawstring at the top of the bag to tie the loops of the hangers together.

You can then box up these bags or use wardrobe boxes if you need clothes to stay upright. When you get to your new place unpacking will be as simple as rehanging the bunch of items in one go and tearing off the plastic bag.

Rolling Is Better Than Folding

When it comes to storing clothing that you aren’t going to use for a few months, rolling usually trumps folding. Rolled clothes take up less space, are easier to stack on top of each other and can be more quickly identified when you open up your suitcase or box.

 Use Cling Wrap To Stop Creasing

For storing clothes that can’t be creased, we recommend placing a piece of cling wrap underneath and on top of items before folding or hanging, then keeping all of these items in a suite case or wardrobe box that is separate from your rolled clothes. The cling wrap will stop creases setting in, prevent squishing, and stop colours bleeding from one delicate item onto the other.

Plastic Boxes & Vacuum Bags Are Your Friends

Pack clothes that are going to be in storage for a while in labelled (season, owner, type) plastic boxes or vacuum sealed bags to ensure they’re safe from moths and other pests. Just make sure your clothes are 100% dry before packing otherwise you can expect to run into some mildew issues!

Stuff & Bag Your Shoes

Stuff your sneakers with socks. Not only will this help you save space when packing, but it will prevent your kicks from getting crumpled! It’s also a good idea to place pairs of shoes in plastic bags before putting them in a box or suitcase as this will stop dirt getting from one pair onto another and keep pairs together.

 Keep Your Essentials Separate

There are a few things that you should pack into your car, not the moving truck, and these include clothes you’ll be needing for the next few days. Don’t forget to keep your shoes, work clothes and more socks and underwear than you think you’ll need in this bag!


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