Removalist Comparison: 8 Things You Should Never Compromise On

Trying to compare different Brisbane based removalist’s offerings can be confusing. Pricing structures, services, insurance, guarantees, vehicles, staff – they all differ from company to company.
At Platinum Furniture Removals, we’ve been in the business long enough to know what great service and fair pricing look like, which is why we’ve compiled this list of things you should never compromise on – no matter what removalist you end up using!

1. Upfront Pricing Structures

Removalist Comparison Brisbane

When it comes to online quotes, most removalist’s websites have a form you need to enter your contact details into before you can see any of their pricing. We believe that pricing should be upfront and transparent, which is why we list all of our rates on our website.
You don’t need to hand over your personal information to get an initial figure from us, and you won’t get a bill at the end of the job containing additional charges you knew nothing about.

2. Insurance

With the number of removalist companies on the market, there’s no reason that you should be paying additional costs to your removalist to insure your possessions. We offer public liability insurance and transit insurance to all of our customers at no extra cost.

3. Experienced Staff

Some removal companies are notorious for subcontracting out their workforce during busy periods The problem with this is, of course, you need to know your possessions are in capable and trustworthy hands. We don’t subcontract. All of our friendly, experienced staff have at least two years experience working in local removals and undergo thorough training.

4. Efficiency

There’s no point in paying less per hour for removalists that do less per hour. We come prepared with all the right equipment – including blankets, trolleys and drills for furniture disassembly/assembly – and we work hard until we’ve finished the job.

5. Flexible Start & Finish Times

If you’ve done your homework and planned out a moving schedule that requires your movers to start early and finish late, you should be able to find a removalist that can accommodate your moving times.
If you’ve got a large home, office or business to move, don’t be afraid to ask your removalist if they can start working before business hours or finish in the evening. And, if you’d prefer to make your move on a weekend or public holiday, many companies will work these days, but you should know that it’s standard practice to charge extra.

6. Truck Size

Compare Removalist Trucks Brisbane

A common technique that dodgy removalists employ is quoting a job, then arriving with a truck that is too small. If you have to make multiple trips simply because of small truck size, you’ll be spending much more money on labour than you need to. If your removalist doesn’t have a truck large enough to move your house quickly, find someone who does.

7. No Damage Guarantee

Any removalist who is worth their salt will offer a no damage guarantee. Removalists have a duty of care to look after your items, and broken, scuffed or damaged goods are a fast track to displeased customers and a bad reputation. Platinum Furniture Removals offer all of our clients a no damage guarantee. We go out of our way to make sure that every person who deals with us is more than happy to recommend Platinum Furniture Removal to their friends and family.

8. Outstanding Reputation

You can’t ignore a removalist company’s online reputation because Google and Facebook are the first places that customers turn whether they’re impressed or they’re unhappy with a business’ service.
It also pays to do a quick Google search of the name of any removalist you’re seriously considering hiring. You might just stumble onto some information on an internet forum, online newspaper, consumer report or even in a press release from an official government website (like Fair Trading or the ACCC) that could change your mind about them.

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