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This gives you time to concentrate on other things that need to be done regarding the move such as changing addresses and other relevant things you need to put in place.

Relocating your furniture to a new address is not something you need to worry about, because as premium movers Brisbane wide, we have come to your rescue! Our GPS navigation also ensures that our moving trucks will arrive on time, always using the fastest possible route.

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Why Use a Professional Movers Brisbane Service?

  • Platinum Furniture Removals have team of experts who are highly experienced with packing your furniture, leading to minimal chance of damaged belongings during your move.
  • We possess full transit and liability insurance in the rare event that damages occurs to your furniture. This protects you from incurring heavy losses if damages were to occur.
  • People that have had to move house without using a moving company know how much time it takes out of their routine to get packing done. Our movers Brisbane pre-packing service will pack and relocate all your furniture in a far shorter time, leaving owners free to do the things that they want.

    The Benefits of choosing Platinum Furniture Removals

  • We have all the necessary documents and license to move your belongings.
    • We ensure that there is no damage caused to your furniture while they are being moved, hauled or while offloading.
    • Our professionals are trained to take care so there are no marks left from shifting of heavy furniture that leaves marks on the floors, walls, stair edges etc. All such furniture is handled by our expert furniture removalists to ensure that your items are moved with no possible damage to the surroundings.
    • Hiring our movers will enable you to save up on spending money on several trips, and hiring an inexperienced company who could cause more damage leading to more expense from your back pocket.
    • Platinum Furniture Removals has it as a part of our duty to create an inventory of the items that we move from one place to the other. This will help you to keep a check on your household furniture and ensure that they are not misplaced during transit.

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